Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big and Been's Underwater Creatures

Big and Been live and travel on a boat. 

This has taken them to far-away places where they have seen many different animals.
Here are some pictures for you of the underwater creatures they have seen.
They hope you like them!

They have seen many beautiful dolphins.

Would you like to watch the dolphins playing?
Watch them here!

Sometimes turtles come to visit the boat.
Watch this turtle swimming under water...
Can you see a turtle swimming in the sea over big corals in the photo below?

Do you know that sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand? 
When the babies hatch they run down the beach to get to the sea, like this...

Wherever Big and Been stop the boat, they jump into the water to see what lives there.

One day they saw this... 

Another time they saw these little blue fish around their coral.

Here are some of the interesting and colourful fish they have seen.

Would you like to see lots of reef fish eating the coral?
Look here! 
These are called parrot fish. Do you hear the noise they make underwater?  

Big and Been see sharks under water too.
This is a black-tip reef shark, which eats fish at the coral reefs.

Would you like to watch these sharks swimming near Big and Been's dinghy? Look here!

Do you know what the creatures in the next two photos are?
This is a sea-star (star-fish)
These are jelly-fish
 This next picture shows an eel swimming in shallow sea water.

While Big and Been are sailing, they try to catch fish to eat.
Look, Mark caught a fish!
We love the sea and all the under-water creatures! 
Do you?

Big and Been's Beach Animals

Big and Been live and travel on a boat.

This has taken them to far-away places where they have seen many different animals.

  Here are some pictures for you of the beach animals they have seen. They hope you like them!

On the beach, Big and Been see many crabs.
Look at these different types of crabs in the next photos.
Watch another crab almost like the one above...
do you see it walking sideways?

This big one is a coconut crab – guess what it likes to eat?

Look at this coconut crab walking in Chagos:

These next ones are hermit crabs.
When a hermit crab gets too big for its shell, it leaves the shell and finds a bigger one.

    Hermit crabs walk on the beach sand, but they can also walk up sticks.
Watch a hermit crab on a tree in this video below.

   Hermit crabs also like to eat coconuts.
Watch the video below to see how a big hermit crab uses its claws to eat the coconut.

In this video you can see many little crabs eating coconut.

In this one you can see a hermit crab tucking a piece of coconut into its shell to carry it away.

In Thailand there are many elephants and sometimes they are on the beach.
Livi is saying hello to a baby elephant on the beach
Do you see the sand on the elephant's back? How did it get there?
Look: he has picked up sand in his trunk. 
He likes to throw sand over himself!

In Madagascar the cattle are called zebu.
They like the beach.
Do you like the beach too?

Big and Been's Birds

Big and Been live and travel on a boat. 

This has taken them to far-away places where they have seen many different animals.

While Big and Been are sailing, birds fly high above the boat...
...and they also fly close to the water to see fish to catch.

Sometimes birds are tired from flying far from shore and they come to rest on the boat.
This bird spent a night on the boat

This bird stopped when it was
wet from a rain storm
Look at the two birds above: what colour are their legs?

Many birds sit on the boat when it is anchored.
The birds sit on the boat to rest and to look for fish in the water.

Do you see that these birds have webbed feet?
This helps the birds swim when they dive in the water for fish!

Watch this video to see birds trying to balance on the rail in the wind.

How many birds can you see on the front of the boat in the next video? 

Big and Been also watch birds trying to catch fish.

Look! This bird caught a fish!

From the boat, Big and Been can see birds resting in trees.

This is a big fluffy chick in its nest

Watch this video of the chick; it is not yet strong enough to leave its nest. 

What colour are this bird's feet?
The bird is called a red-foot Booby Bird.

These birds are very different from the birds in your garden and the parks nearby aren’t they?
That is because these are all sea birds.

Here is a bird you have seen in your garden: it is a pigeon. But this one is sitting looking over the sea - I wonder what it is watching?

Come and see the sea birds from Big and Been's boat Ketoro!

Big and Been's Animals: Land Travel

 Big and Been live and travel on a boat. 

This has taken them to far-away places where they have seen many different animals.

   Sometimes Big and Been travel on land and see different countries and their animals. 
Here are some of the animals they have seen… 

They have seen land tortoises; these look almost like sea turtles, but do not live in water.
How many tortoises are in this picture?

Look: Kay and Barry have found some big tortoises in the Seychelles.

Many countries have apes and monkeys living there.
They all look different. Here are some of them.

These are orangutans in Borneo.
Here, Junior is trying to pinch big Ritchie’s banana!

Irene (Big) is holding a mommy lemur and her baby on her arm in Madagascar.

Malaysia has proboscis monkeys, with long noses.

This baby monkey in Thailand is a different colour from its mother.
What colours are the mommy and baby monkeys?

These are water buffaloes in Malaysia. 
They look like huge cattle with big horns, don’t they?

This water buffalo in Vietnam likes to keep warm in his shed at night.

 This is a buffalo in South Africa; he does not like water as much as the water buffaloes do.
Did you notice that all buffaloes have big strong horns?

This is a yak in China; he lives in a cold place, which is why he has long hair.
The yak carries his owner’s things on his back and an umbrella to keep them dry in the rain.

This donkey lives in Chagos.
Watch this video of the donkey calling, and listen to the sound he makes.

This wild pig mother in Vietnam has babies.
Count the babies!

These two dogs in Vietnam live on a big boat on the water
A long time ago there were lots of wild tigers in Thailand but now they are looked after in parks.
Can you see three tigers in this picture?

This family of elephants lives in Thailand. 
How many elephants can you see?

Here is a baby elephant
Do you know that Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants?

Here is an African elephant in South Africa.

In Vietnam, Big and Been saw a flock of geese... 
 and they also saw a chicken family with a dad rooster and baby chicks.
These chickens in Borneo (in the photo below) are being taken to new homes.
This is how people carry them on their bicycles.
The chickens are quite happy, but they like it best when they are let free at their new scratch-patch!

These two goats live on Rodrigues Island.
  Would you like to see and hear this little goat? Watch the video below.

This sheep in Rodrigues is feeding her lamb

Look at Rolf (Been). He is in Madagascar… what is he holding?
Been is holding a land snake
 Here are some lizards.
This type of lizard is called a gecko. It is holding tight to a wall in Madagascar.
What colour is this gecko?
This is a flying lizard high on a tree in Borneo.
Do you see its special throat pouch? The lizard makes a loud noise with it.
The lizards above are small, but some lizards are very big, like this one...
This is a big water monitor lizard in Malaysia.
Here is a tiny little frog we saw in Madagascar.
It was only the size of your little finger, but still could jump very far. What colour is its back?

Here are some BIG animals: they are rhinoceros in South Africa.
The smaller one is the baby, and the Dad Rhino would not let us go past in our car.

Look at these very tall animals: do you know what they are called?
Of course they are called giraffe!

There are many different types of land animals. 
What animals do you know that Big and Been have not seen on their travels?